Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mini-flurry of @ScrivenerApp mentions in my feeds today reminds me I've proper writing in mind ...

Charlie Stross Explains Why I Can't Always Follow His Stories | Mother Jones
Writer's Desk
Photo by Allen Skyy
Wait a second. The author of the novel, the guy who's spent months immersed in the world he's created, is sometimes unable to follow his own plot without the help of a monster piece of project coordination software? Seriously? So how are the rest of us, who merely have a long stream of words to cajole us along, supposed to follow it?
Well, I wouldn't call it a "monster piece of project coordination software," but I see Mr. Drum's point.

There was also Sam Harris earlier:

I downloaded Scrivener a few months ago when a story idea was heating up and started experimenting with it, but I let the story move to a back burner, as I almost always do ...

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