Friday, July 27, 2012

Gorilla accidentally hangs himself. (Or did he?)

Gorilla Hangs Himself Accidentally In Prague Zoo

Young Tatu (right) playing with is father back in 2010. 
Mammals curator Pavel Brandl said Tatu likely unbraided one of the dozens ropes the gorillas use in their pavilion for climbing and put a strand around his neck before hanging himself. 
"It was an accident," Brandl said. He said the ropes are checked daily. 
Brandl said another gorilla, Kamba, appeared to be trying to help Tatu when zookeepers arrived but "it's hard to say what exactly she was doing."
"Let's check Kamba's alibi, see if she and Tatu had been getting along recently, make sure there's nothing suspicious in her finances. It may be nothing, but if she was the last to see him alive ... "
- Gorilla who watched lots of Law and Order
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