Monday, July 23, 2012

Yes, by all means, keep a firearm with you for safety. Just be prepared to live with the first mistake you make ...

Cop shoots and kills son after reportedly mistaking him for an intruder - U.S. News

Michael Leach
Image via TOT
Michael Leach, 59, an officer with the Parry Police Department in Wyoming County in western New York state, was staying at a motel in Old Forge. He called 911 early Saturday to say he just shot someone he thought was an intruder, troopers said, according to The Syracuse Post-Standard. 
The victim turned out to be his son, Matthew S. Leach, 37, of Rochester.
Do you have a firearm for safety? Are you a trained, veteran police officer? No? OK, because you may want to consider that even off-duty cops have horrific, tragic accidents with their guns.

But you? Nah, you're perfect. Something like this would never happen to you.

I wonder if Mr. Leach is on suicide watch. He should be. Or, I don't know, maybe once you've committed filicide ... I don't know how you live with yourself? Maybe the greatest mercy would be to leave him alone with his loaded weapon and his conscience?

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