Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ten Years Later: The Movie Of My Life (Has Not Yet Been Produced)

cryptonaut-in-exile: The Movie Of My Life

Ten years ago I took a stab at casting the movie of my life and did a decent enough job of it, I think; it's still a movie that sounds like one I would watch. But, I did mess up the casting of my man Sean. He really needed casting the likes of what you'd do if you were casting for John Lennon. We saw recently on PBS here in the States that Christopher Eccleston did a fab job as Lennon in a biopic, so I'm revising that casting to replace Benny "The Jet" with him.

Oh, also, I've decided that my dad looks more and more like Tom Baker every day, and I'm looking more and more like my dad, so Tom Baker for me in old age. And as long as I'm stuffing the cast with former Doctors, I think David Tennant now instead of Duchovny. Yes, that'll do quite nicely.
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