Friday, February 25, 2011

All I know about Irish politics I learned from Captain Moonlight (Fianna Fáil on the way out Fine Gael and Labour on the way in again)

Irish Set to Boot Government - Today's election likely to see voters take revenge on ruling party:

(Newser) – After two years of being walloped by the global financial crisis, Irish voters are expected to boot out the ruling Fianna Fáil party in elections today, replacing it with the more conservative Fine Gael. Analysts—and bookies—believe Fine Gael will not get enough votes for an outright majority, and will form a coalition with the left-wing Labour Party, reports the Guardian.
They're pissed, understandably, about the terms of the debt repayment from the bailout. Still not clear to me why investors didn't take their losses and taxpayers get stuck footing the bill.
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