Friday, February 25, 2011

How can you not love Rachel Maddow?

Rachel Maddow - Politifact - Wisconsin Protests | Mediaite:

“Maddow lied!” she shouted, mocking those at Politifact claiming she had never addressed the budget shortfall in Wisconsin, immediately before playing a clip of herself saying “there is a budget shortfall in Wisconsin.” It wasn’t the only time she had addressed it and she had the video to prove it, later mocking Politifact for being “wrong on the facts, and bluntly.” “Putting the word ‘fact’ in your name does not grant you automatic mastery of the facts,” she joked. She also noted that her program had reached out to Politifact (that correspondence here), but they notified the program they were not going to run a correction, which, to Maddow, completely negated the point of the organization.
Much respect.
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