Wednesday, February 23, 2011

c-i-e BONed* (A little encouragement goes a long way.)

Anything But Theist: Blogs of Note #1

The first is “cryptonaut-in-exile,” an atheist blog that also has a fair among of interesting reposted news stories and political opinions. I usually get a kick out of reading this blog, and it’s updated several times a day, so there’s often something new to read there.
Thanks to Bret over at Anything But Theist (and Planet Atheism) for the kind words and selection to his inaugural Blogs of Note post series. Having "single-digit readership" is fine with me, a handful of readers that take the time to leave the odd comment is really all I could ask for. (Now if only I could apply that quality over quantity sentiment to my posting ... ) Still, who doesn't like an "atta boy," now and then?

I'll be frank, many, atheism blogs bore the living fuck out of me, as I'm sure I do likewise to those that have even noticed me. (As noted, it's not many.) ABT though is one of the exceptions that proves the rule. You can keep your blogs that endlessly (and humorlessly) recycle Pharyngula, I like my reading to include crudely drawn stick figure comics and in-your-face opinions that challenge the comfortable majority (of the minority that is the atheist community). Wait, is speaking ill of your blogging peer group one the acceptable responses to an act of recognition by a member of that same group? Perhaps here we are getting to the root of the persistently low readership numbers. Oh well, too late to change.

*Not to be confused with being BONed by Blogger. After typing the title I was afraid someone might accuse me of misrepresenting the BONing I received. This was a comradely BONing with no delusions of grandeur.
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