Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our tax dollars hard at work: The Man Who Conned The Pentagon (The link within is to Playboy, so don't click willy-nilly.)

The Man Who Conned The Pentagon by Aram Roston - Dennis Montgomery Pentagon -

The American taxpayer is the victim. We're being Pentaconned.

But there were no real intercepts, no new informants, no increase in chatter. And the suspicious package turned out to contain a stuffed snowman. This was, instead, the beginning of a bizarre scam. Behind that terror alert, and a string of contracts and intrigue that continues to this date, there is one unlikely character.

The man’s name is Dennis Montgomery, a self-proclaimed scientist who said he could predict terrorist attacks. Operating with a small software development company, he apparently convinced the Bush White House, the CIA, the Air Force and other agencies that Al Jazeera—the Qatari-owned TV network—was unwittingly transmitting target data to Al Qaeda sleepers.
Seriously it's an interesting article, but it's in playboy so it's spread over ten pages jammed with ads you probably don't want someone to see over your shoulder.
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