Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sharon Horga, I'm informed, is the funniest woman I've never heard of.

The funniest woman you've never heard of | Stage | The Observer:

Sharon Horgan via The Observer.

It incorporates inspired moments of drunken slapstick. But it also operates as a fiercely insightful commentary on modern relationships; it presents a savagely unromantic view of sexual entanglements, but also of female friendships, which, in Pulling-world (as, let's face it, in the real world), are driven mainly by selfish and self-serving instincts, and an endless desire to binge drink. It's a taboo that no one else has touched until now. It's the anti-Friends, the anti-Sex and the City in this respect; there's no hugging and learning, no growing as people. Women who watch Pulling experience that sickening thud of recognition that men got when they first saw David Brent in The Office. Every character is you, to a greater or lesser degree - or someone you know really well. Every scene is terrifyingly familiar.
They're right, I'd never heard of her. But Pulling is on Netfix streaming, so I'll be checking it out to see what I've missed.

Via The Awl. (Oop, actually, this link to The Awl was the first clue.)
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