Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Georgio the Human Carpet (That guy's always underfoot.)

At the Bar, Georgio the Human Carpet - NYTimes.com

Don't Tread On Me

He took his act professional a few years ago and now mostly appears for a fee — his standard rate is about $200 a session, plus tips. Human carpeting is still a fairly wide-open market: Georgio knows of only one other person in New York doing a similar thing, a guy who calls himself Kevin Carpet.
Here's a guy that, when threatened with the prospect of being beaten like a rug, waggles his eyebrows seductively. He should just shave his head and live with baldness, that rug's not fooling anybody.

Stop me before I start reaching for "uses carpet cleaning solution as shampoo" or "Dyson Ball" jokes.
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