Wednesday, February 2, 2011

'Fletch' Reboot Heading to the Big Screen (Not necessarily a bad thing.)

'Fletch' Reboot Heading to the Big Screen - Heat Vision:

No writer or director is board, but Warners and the producers are aiming for a reimagining, not a remake, and hope to make an smart action comedy that plays out on a bigger canvas than the previous movies.
Yes, I routinely rail against reboots and remakes and even just the other day dismissed the remake of The Killer as unnecessary.  But, remember, I was begging for a Star Trek reboot for years before the last movie came out, so it's not totally out-of-character for me to say this is one that I can see working. [Hmm. My original reboot post doesn't seem to have made it over from Triptych Cryptic. Oh well, in any even the point is while I hate most reboots, I have been fine and even eagerly anticipated a few.]

I liked the first Fletch movie. Even the second had its moments. But they were Chevy Chase vehicles, with all that entails. If a new movie, or movies, would hew closer to the books, then there's room for another go at them. Last time I saw Fletch rumors float, Kevin Smith was attached. I'm not sure any longer I'd like to see the series go down that road, though there was a time I would've applauded that decision. Nor am I keen on it being handled by someone like an Apatow or Seth Rogen. Call me crazy, if you must, but based on Out of Sight and the Ocean's movies, it's Soderbergh, I think, who would knock this out of the park.
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