Saturday, February 19, 2011

Word on the tweet: #Fuquay-Varina, February 19, 2011

Time again to round up what folks are tweeting about Fuquay. It's always a bumpy ride. Buckle up:

Are there any black people in Fuquay Varina?Fri Feb 18 18:04:49 via Twitter for Android

Yes. (What the what?)

@nkim47 We have a branch in Fuquay Varina all branches go by a 3 letter code. There's is FUQ.Fri Feb 18 21:06:19 via web

It's OK, it's pronounced fewk. (Or, check a few posts down.)

its still my destiny 2 pop every drivers dancing cherry in fuquay as lady liberty!Fri Feb 18 21:23:10 via web

I see Fuquay's Dancing Lady Liberty all the time, never imagined she'd have a twitter account. Go figure.

Zaxbys in the black n blue salad!Fri Feb 18 00:59:41 via Twitter for Windows Phone

Pro-Zaxby's tweeting is good. Let's bury Chik-fil-A.

Fucking fuquay locals at cookoutMon Feb 14 17:32:45 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

I don't know the full story behind this. And, I seem to recall one of the recent shootings in town was in that Cook-Out parking lot, so it's not a place I'm hanging out. That said, what nerve those locals have, going to a business in the town they live in. I mean, c'mon, don't they know the city folk don't like to mix with riff-raff when they're out getting greasy fast food?

Eating at cambells dinner in fuquay n.c.....there menu has "pork brains & eggs".....hmmm I dont so"Mon Feb 14 14:26:15 via Twitter for Windows Phone

Pork brains. Oh my. Just realized this is another one from @JohnChristopher. Thanks for the heads up, I will probably continue steering clear of Campbell's. (Ate lunch at Joyce's today, BTW, and it was awesome. Best fried chicken around!)

For those who don't know it: "Fuquay" is pronounced fyoukway. Get it right people! #FBSun Feb 13 04:26:20 via Twitter for iPhone


Just did a search on here for my new hometown, #fuquay. Half of the posts had the word "nigga" in it. #timetomoveagainSat Feb 05 20:03:04 via ƜberTwitter

Refer you back to question asked in first tweet of this post. Also, you could follow me, man. I just did a check of my twitsream and it is an N-word free zone. (I think you have to go back to when the bowdlerized Twain discussion was going on to find an N-bomb.)

Strafe Gaming Lounge on #Yelp: Excellent activity for adults and children.
Not much going on in Fuquay Varina for ch... Jan 31 21:04:30 via Yelp

Yes. Strafe is awesome.

Well, there you have it. Everything from local business reviews to racial strife. Keep on tweeting, F-V. I'm combing your insights, tips, and mind-numbing assortment of 4sq check-ins for the best of the ... uh, best, I guess.
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