Friday, February 4, 2011

The plight of the the endangered tree octopus is sad (for what it says about humanity)

Endangered tree octopus proves students believe everything they read on Internet | Mail Online:

A creature concocted in a research 'laboratory' has exposed shocking Internet illiteracy among students, with a leading expert warning it could mean a learning crisis in schools.

Donald Leu, a researcher from the University of Connecticut, conducted a study among the Facebook generation of students - deemed 'digital natives' due to their online savviness - to try to prove they will believe anything they read on the internet.
First, hooray UConn! OK, that out of the way. Oh noes! Gullible people are gullible is hardly news, but if these students are college students, and the number of gullibles was something more than 20% of the total who were provided that site (we already know that something like 20% of our fellow humans are intellectually retarded), then the odds for near-term human extinction are higher than I'd feared.
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