Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nobody told them it'd be easy, or for that matter it'd be so hard. (But it's the living and the learning that makes it all worthwhile.)

Why indie rock continues to ignore the Drive-By Truckers, and what it's missing | Music Essay | Independent Weekly:

Drive-By Truckers, via IndyWeek.
What's most frustrating about indie rock's general omission of the Truckers is that their career has been more full—and, really, closer to flawless—than almost any other band in the world during the last decade. They've built their own mythology, branding themselves with consistent artwork that gives their Southern scenes visual support. What's more, The Secret to a Happy Ending paints a Behind the Music-like portrait of a complex band of best friends, husbands and wives, full of tension and perseverance. It's a rewarding story, behooving a band that's told perfect tales for the last dozen years. Within the Truckers' deep discography, there's birth and death, cancer and killings, love and lust, wisdom and wit.
"Working This Job" is one my favorite songs from last year.

Drive-By Truckers - "Working This Job" (Music Video) from Tarwater Pictures on Vimeo.
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