Saturday, January 8, 2011

There's a difference between not being accountable and being blameless.

Sarah Palin's gun-sight target site having issues, here ... on Twitpic:

Sarah Palin's gun-sight target site having issues, here is a screencapture showing Gifford's 8th with a bulls eye.
Worth remembering this was perfectly OK in Sarah Palin's (indeed many people's) eyes before the Giffords shooting. Will it be back? Was it taken down, or is the website just crashing as curious folks check to see if it is still there? Will Tea Partiers ease up on the lock-n-load rhetoric now? Check how Fox News site commenters are reacting, I don't think it will be long before right-wingers are back to goading the bloodlust of the super-demented fringe of their party. Supply and demand.

Please note, I'm not saying we should be outlawing this sort of speech. I am saying that if you think it's conscionable for politicians to use this sort of imagery and language, there's something wrong with you: there's something wrong with your politics, there's something wrong with your judgement, there's something wrong with your morality. I'm not saying you and and your favorite politicians are criminals, I'm saying you're [expletive deleted]s. Vicious, nasty [expletive deleted]s. I'm not even saying politicians are responsible or accountable when nutjobs who take their tacit endorsement of violence seriously snap and lash out. Now, whether they are blameless is another story ...
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