Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Word - Disintegration (Colbert and the Wake County School Board)

The Word - Disintegration - The Colbert Report - 1/18/11 - Video Clip | Comedy Central:

North Carolina Tea Partiers want to reverse socially engineered progress until things get so bad for the poor that they can't be ignored.
Grrrr Arrrgghhh ... having some sound issues so I can't hear this on my end, but am saving for later. The doings of the Wake County School Board are all over the local nightly news broadcasts here, glad to see some national focus on local example of a complicated issue.


  1. Not that this post is sufficiently buried...

    I'm also from North Carolina (just recently moved here) and boy oh boy... is this the kind of thing the state usually deals with?

  2. We moved to NC a couple years ago now, so I'm no expert on local political history. I gather though from reading BlueNC and what I've seen on the local news since we got here, that this has been an issue in the state for some time and that Wake County is looking to follow the example of Charlotte.


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