Thursday, August 11, 2011

Untitled Po(em?)st

A fly on the bathroom mirror.
Glass is smooth and solid, but it isn't and it isn't (or is it and is it?).
The fly reminds you with is it's fragile, powerful legs that there's purchase.
As long as we're at it we might as well remember all those old New England farmhouses
where the glass has gone wavy and is literally puddling, just slowly -- or not.

Our guts are an ecosystem that affect the way we think.
The way we think!
"There is a world inside the world ... "

You don't even know what you know when you know it.
(True fact.)
Our own minds are opaque to us.
But they can be read, by the astute and machines.
It's possible for a technician, and maybe a professional poker player, to know what you're going to do
before you even know you know.

At Jordan Lake, algae bloom and there's a fish kill.
Also, a couple teenage boys stabbed a girl from your town, stabbed her to death;
They stabbed thirty times and leave her body in the water.
One of the boys is in the country illegally, so the murder is politicized.
You wonder if the algae bloom is a symptom of climate change, or improper waste management,
Or the fault of anyone or anything at all.
Now the fish are politicized as well.

When talking to people in China, you wonder what they know and hear about the two Koreas
Lobbing artillery fire at one another.
You don't ask though because they're coworkers and any conversation might be too political.

The sun is a star and
"We are all made of stars ... "
And you wouldn't stab a star, or stardust, but still that girl was killed.

You know this one guy on facebook who's funny as hell.
He was a friend of a friend then, you didn't know how whip smart he was.
But you do now.
You're both made of stars so some stars are funnier than others.

"Little man with a gun in his hand ... "
A guy in Ohio shoots up his neighborhood because he lost his temper.
You bicker with the numbskulls in the comments of the CNN article because ...
Because ... ?
And those deaths,  and his AK-47 -- it's all politicized.
And we are all still
Made out of stars.

"A poem is a list of Things to Do ... "
So this isn't a poem.
Those things, they were already done.
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