Saturday, August 13, 2011

Left Handers Day, August 13th (My handedness identity crisis exacerbated.)

Left Handers Day, August 13th - Official Site

Phil Mickelson via Wikipedia

Confession: I don't know if I'm "left handed" or "right handed."

I throw and hit lefty. I write righty. Ask me to kick a field goal, I'll use my left foot. I'm a pretty wicked ping pong player with either hand. I eat with my right hand. Ask me to pick up guitar and try to play a chord and I get confused because I'm not sure which way is more comfortable to hold it.

I'm not ambidextrous, although I can write with my left hand, it's easier if I do so from right to left and backwards, mirror image style. More mixed-handed, same as Phil Mickelson, apparently, as well as quite a few of the world's elite athletes according to that Wikipedia article.

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