Wednesday, August 10, 2011

And coaches were just getting the hang of email ...

In Recruiting, Facebook and Twitter Are Coaches’ Friends -

Duke's Coack K reacts to a recruits 'unfriending'
“It drove me nuts,” he said. “You’re trying to call kids on the phone to talk, and they don’t want to communicate like that.”

So Roberts reluctantly joined Facebook, which coaches and recruits say accounts for 50 percent of their recruiting interaction. Twitter is second and gaining ground, they say, with its direct-message function offering the bite-size communication preferred by teenagers. Although Luddites remain — the Southern California defensive coordinator, Monte Kiffin, 71, refers to Facebook as Facemask — most have adapted to the point that Facebook, in-box and Tweet are verbs in the coaching lexicon.
Keeping the NCAA rules committee busy, no doubt.

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