Friday, August 12, 2011

Alleged bigfoot sighting in Minnesota woods

Bigfoot sighting in Minnesota woods [VIDEO] - Minneapolis News - The Blotter:

Image via Citypages

A Minnesota farmer and his wife were walking in the woods north of Stillwater one July night, when they saw a strange animal, according to a new YouTube video. The couple thought they'd come upon a deer, but heard a 'low odd sounding grunt,' and decided to get closer and see what it was.

'Doesn't look like a deer to me,' the farmer explains in the set-up to the video.

In the video clip the man captured that night -- now the subject of a thorough investigation by a Youtube curator called 'SasquatchWatcher' -- a large, red-haired figure is seen passing through the woods for a single fleeting moment.
Full video blow with a bit over-analyzing:

If not a straight up hoax, then my next best guess is they surprised a hunter.

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