Tuesday, August 9, 2011

President Obama's 2012 Campaign Prepares Full-Fledged Attack on Mitt Romney

President Obama's 2012 Campaign Prepares Full-Fledged Attack on Mitt Romney:

Obamney, via Newser

If Politico has it right, team Obama not only expects Mitt Romney to be the GOP nominee, it is ready to unleash a 'ferocious personal assault' against him. The go-negative approach would have two fronts: portray Romney as a 'weird' guy out of touch with ordinary people and as a greedy CEO willing to sacrifice jobs. For guidance, it will model its strategy in part on the one George W. Bush used in depicting John Kerry as an aloof rich guy.
Is it really an attack if it's ... uh ... accurate? I'm not a fan of negative campaigns; I am a fan of speaking your mind and telling the truth. There's a substantive difference between Negative Campaign A calling Candidate B an anti-American, secret Muslim, non-citizen, terrorist's pal and Negative Campaign B calling Candidate A a greedy, job-killing CEO for being a greedy, job-killing CEO, and pointing out that, if his idea of a joke is telling a bunch of down-on-their-luck folks that he's "unemployed too," then he is an out of touch, weird, plutocrat. Just don't make fun of his magic underwear, that's out of bounds.

Ideally, Obama's 2012 campaign would be irrelevant because he ought to lose in a primary to a progressive Democrat. Or, Bernie Sanders.

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