Wednesday, August 3, 2011

def shepherd: Ann Coulter Would Like All Gays Back In The Closet | blogger: we'd like to promote Ann Coulter on your site

def shepherd: Ann Coulter Would Like All Gays Back In The Closet

The problem with allowing ads.
I love the def shepherd blog, he consistently posts engaging, well-written, thoughtful commentary. Now, I have a groupon box on my blog that has never netted me so much as a red cent, but I leave it there in case one day I get a nickel thrown in the tin cup I've discreetly placed near my figurative soapbox. I'm conflicted about even that because I don't really need a nickel, although if I got eighty of them I might treat myself to latte at Starbucks and think how kind the masses were to repay my efforts. Also, I'm not sure groupon is actually good for businesses they sign, but I figure that's for the businesses to figure out, not for me to decide for them. However, if I hear one of the local businesses I support complain about them, the ad comes down.

So when I saw the ad above on def's post about vicious [expletive deleted] Ann Coulter, I laughed, but I also got a little angry on his behalf. Not that I expect him or anyone to care that I did, it's just I can easily imagine how pissed I would be if blogger put an Ann Coulter ad on my blog without my consent. I mean, sure it's really their blog and they're letting me use their service for free (thanks!) but, man, it really would be a slap in the face. I know it's not personal, it's algorithms and key words and money, but still ... ewwwww ... the thought of it.

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