Friday, August 19, 2011

#FF @ClarkeKant Winner of the Secular Humanist Atheist ReTweet of the Week! #SHART #TOTD #TOTW

*Ding* You've got atheist progaganda!
(Image via Fireberry)

Just found some atheist propaganda in this motel room. I opened the dresser drawer and it was empty.Fri Aug 19 16:01:42 via Tweetbot for iPhone

This is the inaugural Cryptonaut-in-Exile Secular Humanist Atheist ReTweet of the Week Award. Fondly referred to in these parts as, the SHART of the Week, or just the SHART, for short.

 Enjoy the SHART!

 If you see something that looks like SHART material be sure to bring it to my attention. I never did get around to making a Glasgow Kiss of the Week page back when our panel of experts was awarding those; but, now that I'm excited to bring you the best SHARTs, I think I many finally get around to devoting a proper page to it. Gives me a project that will keep me out of City of Wonder for a few hours one of these nights.

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