Saturday, November 13, 2010

U R doing it wrong. (Breast Augmentation Edition)

Jack Johnson, Leslie Johnson: Maryland County Exec Charged With Destroying Evidence in Bribery Case:

Not. Fooling. Anybody.

There was also the trivial matter of $79,600 in cash, which the Prince George's county executive instructed his wife to hide in her skivvies. 'I have it in my bra,' she told him, before letting the agents in—agents who had an odd premonition that she might be hiding $79,600 in her bra, reports the Washington Post.
My research indicates breast augmentation shouldn't cost more than $15,000. Give or take.  $79,000 into your bra is overpaying, probably uncomfortable, and by "odd premonition," I take it to mean it's as ineffective and obvious as it sounds.
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