Saturday, November 20, 2010

Anti-Semitic Group Calls for Boycott of Dick's

AFA Calls for Boycott of Dick's Sporting Goods in 'War on Christmas':
(Newser) – Dick's Sporting Goods gets the unlucky honor of being this year's villain in the “War on Christmas” campaign. The American Family Association has singled it out for a boycott this holiday season because the chain is “against” the holiday, reports Advertising Age. One of its offenses is having a 'Holiday Shop” section on its website, with no mention of Christmas.
Let's be frank, that's what this boils down to, right? They don't like to call it "the Holiday Season" because that admits that there's more than one holiday in December. They want everyone to celebrate Christmas because it's the Christian holiday, anything else is clearly unacceptable. Anything else being Hanukkah.  (Oops, also Kwanzaa.)  So, if it's unacceptable to this group for others to even be inclusive of Hanukkah in a general statement that doesn't exclude the (poor, persecuted) Christians, then they must really hate the Jews something fierce.
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