Saturday, November 20, 2010

This doesn't sound good: Wi-Fi makes trees sick?

Wi-Fi Makes Trees Sick, Study Says - PCWorld:
Additional testing found the disease to occur throughout the Western world. In the Netherlands, about 70 percent of all trees in urban areas show the same symptoms, compared with only 10 percent five years ago. Trees in densely forested areas are hardly affected.

Besides the electromagnetic fields created by mobile-phone networks and wireless LANs, ultrafine particles emitted by cars and trucks may also be to blame. These particles are so small they are able to enter the organisms.
I'm not freaking out right now because it sounds like Wi-Fi EM fields are one possible factor, not conclusively shown to be a cause. Still, like just about everyone, I'm sure, it would be hard to do without if it did turn out Wi-Fi was harmful. (If bad for trees, guessing it would turn out to not be so great for people either.) 
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