Friday, November 19, 2010

Candygram for Mongo.

Debt Collectors Stalking Facebook - Fla. woman sues creditor who hounded her online:
'It's an invasion of privacy on steroids,' the attorney tells AP. 'Normally, it takes a while for collection agencies to contact family members, or friends, or co-workers, but on Facebook you have a very powerful harassment tool at your fingertips.' Other lawyers say they are receiving a growing number of similar complaints. One Chicago lawyer says his client accepted a friend request from a young woman in a bikini, only to realize it was a debt collector when the 'friend' posted a message on his wall: 'Pay your debts, you deadbeat!'
Look, I'm not saying there's not a problem here. I'm just saying there may be two problems here: (1) aggressive, privacy-invading collections agencies; and (2) people not minding the walls of their "private gardens."

"His client accepted a friend request from a young woman in a bikini..." This is a case where I don't feel society is obliged to protect stupid people ... from their stupidity. Don't make your profile public and don't invite the vampire in. If you're doing your part, and still being harassed, then, yes, let's make the harassment stop.
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