Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Doctor Who - Happy 47th Anniversary!

BBC - Doctor Who - Happy Anniversary! - News & Features:
On 23 November, 1963, the first episode of Doctor Who was broadcast. Entitled An Unearthly Child it starred William Hartnell as the Doctor and introduced the world to this mysterious traveller and his incredible time machine known as the TARDIS.
Even though it was noted in the Hartnell Springfield Punx post I just linked, it also didn't register for me that today is the anniversary of the first broadcast. 47 is kind of an odd number. It looks like Doctor Who will still be on the air (possibly in more than one incarnation, if we count spin-offs) when we celebrate the 50th anniversary in 2013. That's optimism I would've called crazy for the several years after the Fox TV movie fizzled, but seems like a lock with the continued success of the new series.
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