Saturday, November 20, 2010

RIP Target, Afghan Hero Dog, Is Euthanized by Mistake

Target, Afghan Hero Dog, Is Euthanized by Mistake in U.S. -

Target, via NY Times.

FLORENCE, Ariz. — When a suicide bomber entered an American military barracks in Afghanistan in February, it was not American soldiers but Afghan stray dogs that confronted him. Target and two other dogs snarled, barked and snapped at the man, who detonated his bomb at the entrance to the facility but did not kill anyone.

Target, right, and Rufus were brought to the United States in July after the dogs thwarted a suicide bomber’s plan in Afghanistan.
The dogs were from the Dand Aw Patan district, in the eastern Paktia Province near the Pakistani border. One died of wounds suffered in the blast, and months later, Target and the other dog, Rufus, were flown to the United States by a charity and adopted by families.
Via Friendfeed's rowlikeagirl
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