Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shaughnessy-bot to automate the process of writing hatchet jobs.

StatSheet Is Writing Sports Stories With Software -

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This month, StatSheet unveiled StatSheet Network, made up of separate Web sites for each of the 345 N.C.A.A. Division I men’s basketball teams. Beyond statistics galore, each site has what the company calls “automated content,” stories written entirely by software, including write-ups of the team’s games, past and future. With a joking wink, StatSheet’s founder, Robbie Allen, refers to these sites as the “Robot Army.”
The problem that immediately leaps to mind here is there are probably small sports teams where young writers cut their teeth and find their voice on the way up. So, not only could this software be taking jobs from actual writers, but also ensuring the quality of sports writing (often not high to begin with) goes down over the long term; imagine what would happen to baseball if we did away with the minor leagues.

I keep imagining a T1 with a curly red fright-wig cranking out stories ...

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