Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ron Moore Sells Coast Guard Adventure to NBC - Live Feed

Ron Moore Sells Coast Guard Adventure to NBC - Live Feed:
Exclu: Battlestar Galactica showrunner Ron Moore has sold an ambitious action-adventure series to NBC.

The broadcaster has picked up Moore's The McCulloch from Sony Pictures Television.

The show focuses on the men and women of the fictional Coast Guard cutter The McCulloch as they travel around the world.
I don't put Moore in the company of Whedon, Moffat, or Sorkin (show-runner auteurs whose involvement would drive me to check out a show about anything, no matter the premise) but he does seem like a show that would play to his strengths.  Maybe getting him out of sci-fi and into a series meant to appeal to a broader audience will force him to work on his use "slow and moody" as substitute for "tension created by intelligent writing." Or, he could be exposed as a hack if the trappings of sci-fi are no longer present to gloss over the dramatic deficiencies?
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