Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pentagon: Repeal of DADT will not plunge US into anarchy, or worse, Sharia law.

Pentagon: It's Safe to Repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell - More than 70% of troops surveyed are fine with it:
(Newser) – The Pentagon’s report on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell will conclude that there is little to no risk in repealing the policy during wartime, sources tell the Washington Post. More than 70% of the troops surveyed said lifting the ban would have a positive, mixed, or nonexistent impact, and the full survey led the brass to believe that objections would diminish even further once troops became accustomed to serving alongside gay colleagues.
Like I said: it was an easy call.

Also, even if 70% had said they weren't fine with it, the policy was still unjust and wrong. It's just nice to know that in this case the majority of people who would be directly (not) impacted already knew that.

OK, Senators McCain and Burr, and all you other douchebags who don't know right from wrong without running it through the bureaucracy, you can stop dragging your feet now. The ball is in your court. Get it done.
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