Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The other day it was offshoring, here's onshoring of homework.

The Shadow Scholar - The Chronicle Review - The Chronicle of Higher Education:
I've written toward a master's degree in cognitive psychology, a Ph.D. in sociology, and a handful of postgraduate credits in international diplomacy. I've worked on bachelor's degrees in hospitality, business administration, and accounting. I've written for courses in history, cinema, labor relations, pharmacology, theology, sports management, maritime security, airline services, sustainability, municipal budgeting, marketing, philosophy, ethics, Eastern religion, postmodern architecture, anthropology, literature, and public administration. I've attended three dozen online universities. I've completed 12 graduate theses of 50 pages or more. All for someone else.
Ethics and philosophy students are cheating?! Guys, you're doing it wrong. All those other disciplines I'm not surprised at all that this practice is commonplace. But, ethics .... ~shakes head ruefully~
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