Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Morgan Freeman is not amused.

Morgan Freeman's 'Voice' Hijacked for GOP Ad - N. Carolina congressional candidate drops spot after blast by livid actor:

image via Newser

(Newser) – Campaign officials for a North Carolina congressional candidate have finally conceded the voice on a radio and TV spot really isn't Morgan Freeman's, even though they insisted yesterday it was.

This has been covered pretty heavily here in state, now seems to be getting national attention. Honestly, it looks like the Republican candidate in this case was just duped, not malicious. Embarrassing for him, but really probably the least of the reasons he should lose to Price.

Update: WRAL reports the ad agency is fighting back, claiming they made it clear to the campaign they were delivering a "voice double." Maybe I was too quick to defend Mr. Lawson? In any event, Lawson wasn't a serious contender. NC-4 looks to be a safely Democratic seat.
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