Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Kill the atheist!" (Screw Palestine Edition)

Palestinian Blogger Angers West Bank Muslims - Journal -
But since the end of October Mr. Hasayin has been detained at the local Palestinian Authority intelligence headquarters, suspected of being the blasphemous blogger who goes by the name Waleed al-Husseini. The case has drawn attention to thorny issues like freedom of expression in the Palestinian Authority, for which insulting religion is considered illegal, and the cultural collision between a conservative society and the Internet.

While Mr. Hasayin has won some admiration and support abroad — a Facebook group has formed in solidarity, along with several online petitions — others on Facebook are calling for his execution.
Secularism, people, secularism. (Might as well talk to a wall.)

Not that Palestine, or any Palestinian cares what I think. I have no delusions of influence; but, I may be representative in some way of progressive secularists who, in general, have some sympathy for any and all oppressed peoples. Once you start killing *my* people, regardless of whatever other injustices you may be enduring, then as a natural human reaction, I'm just less interested in how your injustices are addressed relative to the ample supply of injustices being endured by others. Again, I don't imagine anyone really cares what I think, but I would imagine that most atheists, react at some level with, "You want to kill atheists? People like me. Then screw you," and maybe there's less political pressure in general for the leaders of secular democracies to go to bat for Palestine. Maybe not, maybe nothing changes.
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