Sunday, November 7, 2010

Green Zone: "It matters."

Green Zone (2010) - Flickchart

It came in at #394 on my flickchart. A good movie that needed to be made a few years earlier. Seven years in, yeah, we know the casus belli (the "it" in the post title) was a fabricated, we knew it when it was being foisted on us. I think the most important part of this movie is the first five minutes or so, it might have had powerful impact back when the search for those elusive (due to their non-existence) WMDs was still fresh in people's minds. The idea that "supporting our troops," meant supporting the administration is visually and viscerally exposed for the cynical marketing it was. The troops that needed our support were the guys being sent in harm's way to look for WMDs, not the traitors doing the sending knowing all the while there was nothing to find.

Anyways, Green Zone was good-looking, well-acted, and, while not as engaging as The Hurt Locker, still well worth checking out.
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