Friday, November 5, 2010

Glasgow Kiss of the Week for Friday, November 5, 2010

Mr. Olbermann may have suspended his "Worst Persons in the World" segment (the inspiration for this series) but, lest you think I'd follow suit, be assured I'll keep handing out Glasgow Kisses as long as they're warranted (and I don't grow bored with it).

Glasgow Kiss of the Week
Award Winner

The Pride of Oxford, NC,
Vicious Scumbag James Currin, Jr

Mr. Currin had this week's award pretty much sewn up immediately after the last was presented. The purpose of this award is not to celebrate or encourage violence, let me be absolutely clear on that. This guy though pushes the envelope. Had he pulled this trick in front of me, he may not have gotten an actual Glasgow Kiss, but you can bet he would've gotten an assist in backing it the fuck off.
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