Thursday, November 4, 2010

Don't do the crime if you can't do the time (Neighborhood Watch edition)

Using Video Surveillance to Catch the Neighbors -

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A month’s worth of video footage clearly showed one of his neighbors slinging bags of dog feces into his yard. “You’d see him come from all directions and even turn around afterwards — like I was his dumping destination and not just a convenient stop on his way,” said Mr. Miller, who showed the video evidence to his community’s security patrol. “They were stunned, and wrote the guy a citation for improper waste disposal, littering and leash law violations.”

Moreover, the neighbor had to pick up all that he had tossed. Mr. Miller also had some fun at the neighbor’s expense, posting a video on YouTube with a suitably silly soundtrack and narration. The video has had more than 4,000 views.

“He never apologized, so that’s why I posted it,” Mr. Miller said. “But I did wait until after he moved.”

You'd think the example of dumpster cat lady would be a cautionary tale for these offenders.

This guy was kind, I wouldn't have thought twice about posting the video before the guy moved. Nor would I have thought twice about grabbing a shovel, loading up the wheel-barrow, and returning the bags of dog poop to their rightful owner. Directly to his front door. If some of those bags came open in the process ... well, tant pis, mon ami.
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