Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Did they do a background check on this guy?

3-D Submarine Movie: Big Budget 3-D Submarine Movie To Be Filmed in Connecticut -

Dubious. (Image via the Hartford Courant.)

The men at the podium kept comparing the planned film 'Thunder in the Deep' with 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' in both budget and impact on the Connecticut economy.

'Thunder in the Deep' is written by a man who had never written a screenplay, who is also serving as executive producer, and who plans to cast himself as a villain in a $100 million 3-D film about a nuclear war with German fascists in 2030. It's estimated that $65 million of that will be spent in Connecticut.

Richard Meyer spoke at a press conference Wednesday at the state Capitol complex, explaining how the project got off the ground. He described his reaction to reading the Joe Buff novel 'Thunder in the Deep' a few years ago. 'I said, 'My God, this is a movie,' ' Meyer said.

Even though he'd never written a screenplay, he thought, 'This isn't rocket science, I can do it myself!' Meyer has never acted in a movie that received commercial distribution, though he said he has acted off-Broadway.
Let me get this straight. It's a movie with a $100M budget according to the executive producer who's never produced anything, who's never written a script before but is writing this, and claims to have an "off-Broadway" acting résumé? (This Richard Meyer?) Let me guess, he's just asking for a little up-front money?

The major news outlets in CT are running with the story. OK, maybe it's legit, I'll try to remember to check on this down the line. My spider-sense is tingling and I suspect this story ends with "disappointed investors will not be able to recoup their losses." A quick check on Jim Amman sets off my Low-Level Political Sleazebag Detector.
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