Friday, November 12, 2010

Chastised at the dinner table: "Daddy! We don't say ..."

So proud of my little man. Eating dinner tonight, the conversation turned to some controversy about the notes I draw up for the kids' lunch boxes.  We watched Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein the other night, so the next day I drew up two sketches of Abbott & Costello: one with Frankenstein's monster for my son, the other with Dracula and a bat for my daughter. (They're just little sticky note sketches, nothing fancy mind.)

My daughter asked what the spooky letters on her note said. "Abbott & Costello meet Count Dracula," I explained.

"What's a count?" she asked. (They're four years old.)

"Count," I said, "is a title give to an aristocrat. A count is kind of like a prince, or an earl, or a duke ..."

This is where my son looks up from his dinner in shock.  "Daddy! We don't say 'Duke!'"
Scanner didn't like light pencil on yellow.
Also, "Abbot [sic]"
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