Saturday, November 6, 2010

Another reason I grimace at the gun stores on Main St. #Fuquay

Pawn shop clerk killed in Fayetteville ::
FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — A 19-year-old clerk at a Fayetteville pawn shop was shot and killed on Saturday afternoon, police said.
Hey, open carriers, this kid worked in a pawn shop*, why weren't the criminals deterred?

But, hey, don't reconsider whether it's a good idea for everybody to carry firearms just because this poor kid got shot, in a gun store, by gun-wielding criminals. Fight for your rights, assholes.

Related: Thieves, in Fayetteville, steal guns from homes and then sell them to pawn shops. It's a great system.

* Pawn shops around here, in case it's not the same in your state, usually double as gun dealers and predatory payday lenders. Cumberland Pawn is no exception. I would be very surprised if the clerks in these places didn't have a firearm at hand.
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