Friday, November 12, 2010

2:00 AM Thoughts

Does this ever happen to you? You're kind of daydreaming (or up late, can't sleep dreaming) and have the strangest feeling, like déjà vu, but more like an atemporal feeling of nostalgia for things that haven't happened yet? For example, you're imagining what your daughter's wedding might be like twenty years from the present moment, but not in the sense of imagining the complex mix of pride, loss, joy, and sadness as you might feel walking her down the aisle, but what it feels like to look back on that event from an even later point in time. You're the grandparent, watching your son walk your granddaughter down the aisle, remembering when you were the father. Layers of emotions that you can actually feel now, in the present, as if you were there. Then feeling the future feeling of déjà vu as your brain connects those future in the moment feelings, with your imagination of them then (which is now).

What vu is that? We can describe presque vu and jamais vu, but what is future déjà vu? Peut être vu doesn't feel quite right, because while the events may not happen, you've already felt the feeling. My French, and my grammar in general perhaps, isn't good enough to pin it down, but I think it's the future imperfect I'm after?
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