Monday, December 13, 2010

The 100 Most Interesting People in Sacramento (Sacramento?!)

The 100 Most Interesting People in Sacramento | KQED News Fix:
The Sacramento News & Review has released the Sac 100, a guide to the 'most interesting people in the region.' Those on the list include UC Davis particle physicist Thomas Cahill; fashionista Olivia Coelho; mixed martial artist Urijah Faber, poet, sidewalk chalk artist, and Tourette's sufferer Ground Chuck; online lit mag publisher Elijah Jenkins; Mayor Kevin Johnson; Johnson's fiance and school reformer Michelle Rhee; sci-fi author Kim Stanley Robinson; city poet laureate Bob Stanley; SCOTUS Justice Anthony Kennedy; outsider artist Steve Vanoni, and KQED's own Sac bureau chief John Myers.
Only caught this because I'm constantly scanning for news of Kim Stanley Robinson's next novel. I gather from the snark that the NC equivalent would be if a list of the 100 Most Interesting People In Fuquay-Varina were published in the Raleigh papers. Comments here in NC, if such a list were made, might include: "Shouldn't that just be the list of All 100 People in Fuquay?"
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