Friday, December 17, 2010

Ghost in the Machine: "Venetian Grind," a review of The Tourist.

Ghost in the Machine:

Image via GitM.
Anyway, Depp's character -- Wisconsin widower and schoolteacher Frank Tupelo -- is meant to be just an average guy in over his head, unwittingly caught up in a spy drama as The Wrong Man. (Jolie's character picks him at random on a train to be a mark for the Interpol-types following her.) But Depp seemingly can't help but play Frank as all twitchy and affected. He speaks with Hunter Thompson cadences half the time and eyes his surroundings -- and his co-star, for that matter -- like it or she are going to sprout wings any moment. He can't even sip his nightcap without Jack-Sparrowing his way through it. 'Hey, look, a beverage! In my hand! I shall drink it! Ooh, it kicks!'
I'm glad our man in D.C. still finds time to see lots of movies and, more importantly, write about them.

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