Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Needle in the Haystack

A Henderson teenager shot and killed an intruder Thursday morning, according to the Vance County Sheriff's Office. When deputies arrived at 586 S. Lynnbank Road, they found a man lying in the yard. Michael Anthony Henderson Jr., 19, had been shot in the chest with a shotgun, deputies said. He was taken to Maria Parham Medical Center where he died.
Finally, after reading scores and scores of news reports of: parents shooting their own children; children shooting themselves, their friends, and their parents; people shooting their neighbors; people shooting themselves by accident, and on purpose; people hit with stray bullets; people stealing guns and using them to terrorize schools; stray bullets from gun ranges striking peoples's homes and cars, etc. ... finally, a story where someone other than a police officer used a firearm to successfully thwart a criminal.

Of course, now that kid has to live with the fact he killed someone, even if it was a scumbag who would have stolen his family's TV.

Still, I've blogged about the stupidity and ignorance of gun owners so many times, I felt it only fair that I post the first story I saw where someone legitimately defended their property.

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