Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Favorite Movies of 2011 #Flickchart

cdogzilla's Favorite Movies of 2011 - Flickchart

I didn't see a ton of movies in 2011; with Captain AmericaThor and Limitless making the Top Ten, you can tell the rest were pretty mediocre. I'm not sure how the match-ups played out when I was doing these rankings so that Captain America came in ahead of X-Men: First Class and Source Code, but since I would've only moved it down two pegs, I didn't bother re-ranking it to make the list right. Flickchart's head-to-head ranking system has its ups and downs. Eventually, I'm sure that'll sort itself out.

There are a few movies I missed in 2011 that I plan to catch up on soon, a few of which I expected would have cracked this list: Midnight in Paris, being the likeliest contender with The Adjustment Bureau looking like it might take Source Code's slot. I'm not as optimistic about Jackie Chan's 1911, but it's up near the top of my Netflix list and could be decent enough if it's not a didactic propaganda flick.

Contagion was excellent. I was surprised it came in behind Game of Shadows when I filtered my list to get this years faves, and I would have fixed the number one slot if I felt like it really needed to be there. I considered re-ranking but realized that while Contagion was certainly a better movie -- one I would recommend to most of my friends before anything else on the list -- I enjoyed the Holmes movie more. I probably won't watch Contagion again, but I will almost certainly end up re-watching both of the Holmes movies.
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