Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Gray Lady Weeps

Daily Kos: New York Times public editor says people misinterpreted his ridiculous question:

Brisbane, confused about journalism. (via NYT)

'I was also hoping to stimulate a discussion about the difficulty of selecting which “facts” to rebut, facts being troublesome things that seem to shift depending on the beholder’s perspective.' 
Holy icicled hell, no they most certainly are not. "Facts" do not shift depending on perspective. You are thinking of opinions, or observations, or hypotheses. Facts are the things that do not shift depending on perspective. There is no legitimate and useful "perspective" that says the surface temperature of the sun is less than that of a wet dog, or that World War II did not happen, or that fish tacos were first created by William Henry Harrison during one of his trips to the forest moon of Endor. No! Bad newspaper editor!
Well, he certainly stimulated some discussion. 
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