Monday, April 4, 2011

Scott Walker Gives Donor's Son (With Two More DUIs Than College Degrees) an $81,000-a-Year Job

Scott Walker Gives Donor Jerry Deschane's Son an $81,000-a-Year Job:

Scott Walker image via Newser

Don’t you hate those overpaid public employees? Why, just look at Brian Deschane. He’s racked up two drunk driving convictions, little experience, and no college degree, yet Scott Walker’s administration is paying him $81,500 a year, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports. How did he get the job? Well, it probably didn’t hurt that dad Jerry Deschane is a longtime lobbyist for the Wisconsin Builders Association, and that the group’s PAC was one of Walker’s top five campaign donors—ringing up $121,652 in donations.
It seems the best career advice I can give you is to be born rich. It's a Republican in this case, but I don't doubt for a minute the same happens in Democratic State Houses as well. It's not a political party's problem, it's a systemic problem with how we select our public servants. That Walker is cracking down on schoolteachers with one hand while spilling the public coffers into the pockets of the spoiled brats of the wealthy is just salt in the wound.
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