Saturday, April 16, 2011

Storms pummel NC, at least five dead (#Fuquay dodged a bullet)

Storms pummel NC, at least five dead ::
Raleigh, NC via Twitpic

Sanford, NC in aftermath of today's tornadoes

Homes and businesses were badly damaged and at least five people were confirmed dead Saturday after a severe storm system whipped across North Carolina, bringing flash floods, hail and reports of tornadoes from the western hills to the streets of Raleigh.
We caught a break here in Fuquay. Some neighborhoods here had hail and still don't have power, but most of the damage was to our west, north, south, and ... well, east. We got back from soccer today just as the EBS started on the radio, warning us to take cover. We heard right away about the tornado in Sanford and that line of storms was set to reach us in about a half hour. We got our safe closet ready and had flashlights and radio ready when the power went out and the trees started bending over. It got windy here, and rained a bit, but really, we've had much worse storms here in the last few months.

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