Monday, April 18, 2011

Word on the tweet: #Fuquay-Varina, April 18, 2011

Once again rounding up recent tweets from and/or about the town I live in. Not focusing on the storms since Fuquay was spared and significant impact, just a couple mentions since the whole region was impacted. Krispy Kreme is still a hot topic, a reporter for the N&O has been tweeting while covering the area, there's a deal for Tacos Mexico below, and an aspiring youtuber's effort that, frankly, you'll probably want to skip.

Yep....I shoot em. @ Fuquay Varina Feb 19 15:11:12 via Instagram

Racks full of 1/2 plates. :)  @ Fuquay Varina Feb 19 16:58:58 via Instagram

I had to look it up: ambrotypes. So now you know, for all your ambrotype needs, check @wetplates.


Gorgeous day for shooting guns out at drake landing in fuquay varina: Feb 19 22:04:07 via  HTC Peep

Not my bag, but if you're out to bust up some clay pigeons, I gather Drake Landing is the place to go.


on krispy kreme's page on facebook it said they opened in fuquay today & a comment was like "where on earth is fuquay varina?" ha #smalltownTue Apr 05 23:53:32 via web

C'mon! I knew where Fuquay-Varina was years before I moved here. Of course, I worked for John Deere and they move a lot of golf and turf equipment through here.


I write for N&O about #Cary , #HollySprings, #FuquayVarina , #Apex and #Morrisville . Follow me, and drop me some tips. RT, please!Wed Apr 06 18:37:22 via web

Andrew's covering the area, doing actual journalism, the stuff armchair bloggers rely on to have something to talk about. Show him some love and do the follow!


I uploaded a YouTube video -- Town of Fuquay-Varina. Apr 08 02:39:37 via Google

I wasn't going to include this, but it's one of the few videos I've seen of Fuquay via twitter ... if nothing else, it a chance to say, "Good grief, you're complaining about Fuquay drivers while you're driving and filming with a cameraphone at the same time!" Kids. Gorramit!


"For Grandma's 80th birthday, she asked for a push lawnmower." Edwin Holleman, of #FuquayVarina.  #localquotesTue Apr 12 17:51:02 via web

Andrew again, it's just a great quote.


Tacos Mexico #Restaurant save 60% with a $25.00 #coupon for $10.00 #FuquayVarina #27526 Apr 13 01:13:28 via Google

I haven't tried Tacos Mexico yet, but I've heard it's good. And this is a good deal. Get it while it lasts.


2nd great reason to come to Fuquay Apr 13 01:28:16 via HootSuite

I have no idea what the first great reason was though? Stick Boy? Cupcake Bite? (Both better than Krispy Kreme, BTW.)


Scary looking storms with Tornadoes through Sanford, Fuquay, Raleigh, Cary, and points east. Hope all are OK.Sat Apr 16 21:25:53 via Twitter for Android

While the power was out during the storms, it was remarkable how much you find out on Twitter and Facebook.


Pathetic? There was a tornado warning, towns around us were having roofs ripped off houses. The power was out everywhere while you were tweeting ... of course everything was shut down. Idiot.

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